Arjun Gupte

Arjun Gupte

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First Name * Arjun
Last Name * Gupte
Username * QuietWreck
Country * India
City Bangalore
Nationality INDIAN
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


ame:Arjun Gupte

Profession: Art Director/Animation Director

Date of Birth:23 May 1976

Contact Address:
No. 483 ,2nd Floor,13th Cross Road,
Indiranagar 2nd Stage,

Phone No. 91-09886046537

Work Experience:

1.Jim Henson Productions ,London,England

Senior 3D Character Animator and Rigger (2003-Current)
Animating and rigging creatures for MirrorMask, a Jim Henson produced film directed by Dave McKean.
I animated and rigged several creatures in this film, including the spider, the monkeybirds and the sphinxes.
Also did storyboards and animatics for lots of character animation sequences.

2.Liquid Development & Incognito

Modelling and texturing hi-poly next-gen assets for Sony's PS3 game ,Warhawk.
Worked as a contractor on next-gen enviornmental assets using Maya 6.5.

3.Liquid Development & The Collective
Modelling and texturing for Warner Bros. game Dirty Harry
Extensive use of Zbrush to generate "damage models" and for normal map generation.

4.Sick Puppies Ltd.,Oxford,England

Senior 3D Character Animator (2002-2003)
Animating several in-game characters for Ghostmaster,a PC/PS2 game out for release in Dec. 2002.Doing character animations for several in -game characters . Design and execution of unique in-game animations involving body morphs, transformations and effects animation.Art creation for special effects,usually by generating 2d sprites for games programmers.

Character sketches to guide other animators and various color keys for characters and levels for pre and post-production tasks.Storyboards for cut-scenes and animations thereof.

5.Similis Software Gmbh, Oberhausen, Germany(2001-2002)
Lead Character Animator and Game Cinematics Director
Directed and animated cinematics for a PC/PS2 game , working title K.Hawk Survival Instinct (release Q3 2002)
This was all done in real-time, with the game engine playing the in-game cinematics so as to offer an uninterrupted gaming experience.Storyboarding and animatics were utilized to pre-vis the game cinematics extensively.Helped develop a user interface for the cut-scene editor and worked closely with the games engine programmer to build a reliable production pipeline for the art datasets.
Did the character animation and setup/rigging for several in-game characters,this involved runs, walks, dying cycles , weight shifts, etcetera.

6.Stardust Entertainment,Potsdam ,Germany(2000-2001)
3D Character Animator and Layout Artist
3D Character animator for a 3D Childrens TV series called Stevie Stardust done entirely in Maya.Was responsible for the production of 20-25 secs of approved animation a week
Also did a series of runs, walks and poses for an in-house MEL driven pose library.
Did layout/storyboard work as part of pre-production for next season in-house

1.Bachelor of Sciences in Physics( Fergusson College,Pune, India
Graduated with honors and majored in Quantum Physics , Statistical Physics and Optics.Minors included Motion picture physics,Mathematical Physics and Basic/C programming.

2.Post-Graduate Diploma in Animation Film Design ,National Institute of Design,Gujarat,India
Specialized in 2d cel animation and 3d animation.As part of the course , directed and animated 3 short films , one on cel and two on computer.Courses included colour theory ,character design,life drawing, fundamentals of animation, storyboarding, stage acting workshops , puppet perfomance and art direction

3.Certificate in Maya Computer Animation,Vancouver Film School,Vancouver Canada
The course taught us Maya , specifically the creation and animation of 3d characters.We had to make a 3d short as part of the course.The course was geared towards translating our traditional 2D animation skills into 3D with an emphasis on character animation.MEL scripting and batch file programming was also used to enhance our knowledge of Maya.

Software Knowledge
Alias/Wavefront's Maya 7.0
MEL scripting/ NT Batch file scripting
Adobe AfterFx
Softimage 3.9.1
3D Studio Max 7.0/Character Studio/Tools
Mental Ray
Digital Fusion/Adobe Premiere